Check out the new simulations of the K-Pg by Tabor et al.!

Great new work by Fan et al. on the emergence of the North American loess plateau during the Late Eocene-Early Oligocene.

Check out the new publication by Liu et al. that explores the role of an asteroid impact in the PETM!

Interpreting East Asian speleothems! Nice new study by Hu et al. using iCESM to understand isotopic signatures in East Asia.

Cool new study evaluating the simulate of fine particulate matter in the US by Li et al.!

Great new work by Stevenson et al. on the water isotope response to volcanic forcing during the past millennium!

In GRL, Tierney et al. integrate models and proxies to understand ENSO during the Pliocene and discover a similar pattern of SST response to Pliocene and future forcings.

New paper by Feng et al. in GRL highlights the importance of cloud-aerosol interactions for simulating past warm climate states like the Pliocene.

The water isotope enabled version of the Community Earth System Model (CESM) is now out! Fully coupled isotope tracers in a complex Earth System Model.

Check out the new paper in PNAS by Carrapa, Clementz, & Feng on the climate dynamics associated with Late Miocene cooling!

New publication in GRL by Tabor, Feng, & Otto-Bliesner on the climate response to the rifting of a supercontinent.